How do I get booked in?

You can call, pop in or message us over the facebook to book yourself in, all appointments will require a deposit.

Do you require a deposit?

We do take a deposit, this secures your appointment. This also goes towards paying for the tattoo or securing the deposit for your next visit with us

Do you do walk in appointments?

We cater for both Appointment based work and walk ins.

Can I bring someone with me while I get tattooed?

Due to the small size of our tattoo space, only one person is allowed in with you, the person accompanying you must also be 18.

Are children allowed in the studio?

Children are allowed into the shop while you speak to us and get piercings, We have a strict no children policy for the tattoo room and leaving your children in the waiting room while you get tattooed.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

Appointments can be moved given 48 hours notice and you wont lose your deposit.


I missed my appointment, have I lost my deposit?

Yes, unfortunately due to not notifying us you have lost your deposit, we can understand people running late but please notify as soon as possible that you are running late.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

By law you MUST be 18 to get tattooed. We may ask you for photographic I.D 


Can I pay by card?

Both Rugeley and Chasetown studios only accept cash payments. Please have your payment method arranged with us before your tattoo appointment.

1. Wait 2-4 hours before removing the dressing. Your artist may have applied cling film, melanin dressing or gauze.

2. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap before removing the dressing.

3. Use plain warm water to clean the skin over your new tattoo.

4.  DO NOT use a face/wash cloth. Skin on skin is best. Gently use your hand to remove any old blood, mucous or debris.

5.  Pat dry using a paper towel or clean hand towel. Allow to air dry for a few minutes.

6.  Apply a small amount, a light film, of your aftercare product.

7.  Gently massage into the skin.

8.  Do not over apply.

9.  Do not recover the skin unless your tattoo is oozing fluid. Loose clothing should be sufficient to protect your skin.

10.  Apply another light film, sparingly, of aftercare 4 hours later.

11.  Wash the tattoo again at night with warm water and apply another fine layer of aftercare.

12.  As the healing process progresses washing the tattooed skin with water once a day will be sufficient cleansing. Apply a light application of aftercare 2-4 times daily until the skin has fully healed.

Remember your skin has gone through trauma having been punctured with a row of needles thousands of times while unloading the ink. So gently does it.

Keeping the skin supple and moisturized during the healing process lessens the chances of scabbing.​


  • Show your new ink work to all your friends within the first couple of hours. The risk of getting an infection is much higher in the first few hours after tattooing.

  • Do not share your aftercare product with anyone – be responsible for your own

  •    During the healing period, stay out of swimming pools, saunas and partaking in  
      water sports until the skin has completely healed.


Soaking a new tattoo can cause it to lose its brightness.  It is okay to shower as long as you do not soak the tattooed skin for long periods.

Have a good meal before your tattoo

Make sure you are clean and wearing fresh clothes, five day old socks aren't fun for your tattooer.

Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes that allows the artist good access to to the area to be tattooed, you can always change into shorts here.

Arrive 15 minutes before your tattoo, this will give us the best amount of time for tattooing.

Do not arrive intoxicated for your tattoo, you will not have a good time and the chance of you moving during your tattoo is heightened.

Do not not bring children or pets with the intention of leaving them in the waiting area while you get a tattoo.

It is very important that you lay still and relaxed while getting tattooed.


Please do not text, talk or try to get your phone during the tattoo, a straight line can easily be messed up by a moving client.

Keep photos taken to a minimum, one or two from your friends is fine, but can easily turn into a distraction for your tattooer.

We want you leaving with the highest quality tattoo possible, let us make the best work we are capable of.

All our artists charge £70 per hour, Day sittings for £400, minimum charge £30

Let us know if you have a limited budget and we will let you know what is possible. Our minimum price is £30 and we can only accept cash at each studio.

First touch ups are always free, but will be charged for any touch ups after.